About Us                           
VISION & MISSION          


I   = Innovation                     Continue to innovate to meet market needs.

V  = Vigorously                    Carry out every job with a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and confidence.

E  = Effloresce                     The company and employees develop together, to achieve a better life.        

S  = Sense Of Ownership    Have a sense of belonging and grow together.


Efficiency, Reliability, Quality, Service

 A zero Complaint Of Delivery.

The company strives to work on product delivery on time according to the schedule of consumer demand, and suppress by eliminating complaints to consumers so that the lowest total shipping costs are obtained.

A zero Complaint of Costumer Reliability

The existence of customer trust in Plastic Extrusion, Injection, Blow products produced by PT. Indahvaria ekaselaras, and the company suppresses complaints from customers as low as possible.

A zero Complaint Of Rejection

The company continues to improves product quality by reducing the level of product defects so that there are no complaints from customers. 

A zero Complaint Of Our Service

The company provides the maximum possible level of service to customers by suppressing complaints, and there is a sense of satisfaction using Extrusion, Injection, Blow Plastic products  from PT. Indahvaria ekaselaras.