Production Line                      



With the principle to always provide the best for customer satisfaction PT. Indahvaria ekaselaras is supported by professional and competent staff in it who are always ready to give the best to customers 

3D Design

The process of making the design, starting from a brief both by the customer / customer and the company, the next step is the process of designing the product, in this case we use the PowerShape software from Delcam. 

CNC ( Computerized Numerical Control ) / WireCut 

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) or WireCut is the next stage of the process of making a product, where in this process a plate either in the form of iron or steel is formed into a mold master plate (Moulding), in this case we use PowerMill and FuatureCAM software from Delcam.    


The molding process is carried out through several process stages to produce maximum results, with CNC Vertical Milling machine facilities, CNC WireCut, CNC Electrical Discharge Machines and Grinding Machines, so that this process can be carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible, with maximum results with steel base materials. The resulting molding has a fairly strong durability. 

Production Engineering 

To handle every Project that we receive, both New Projects and problematic products that require special handling. We have a division that handles the process, namely the Production Engineering Division. We are always ready to provide the best for customer satisfaction.